Dirty Deal Teatro

The Immoral ones

Portraits of young people in poetry

    Duration of the show: 2h 15min
    Ticket prices: 12.00 /   18.00  Eur
    premiere: 12.14.2019

    About the show

    Director Krista Burāne: “Since 2015, when Latvian parliament approved “moral education” amendments, we sometimes encounter parents and teachers who think that there are some artworks - poetry, movies, theater shows, paintings - which can't be talked about in a classroom. In most cases these artworks depict our life as it is - diverse and not embellished. Should art and education play hide and seek with reality? Or should they look each other in the eye to talk about what they saw with children and teenagers? Even when the reality they see seems immoral. 

    The performance is a gallery of eighgrader portraits in poetry. Their thoughts, experience, feelings and dreams are painted with the brushstrokes of three poets. Young poets Kirils Ēcis, Marija Luīze Meļķe and Raimonds Ķirķis chose different portraying methods simultaneously trying to answer the question - what is poetry and what can it be? The grownups in the performance are represented by a choir of teachers whose texts are written by Kārlis Vērdiņš and Agnese Krivade.”

    In season of 2019/2020 the performance received two Latvian theater awards for:

    • Achievement of the year in original dramaturgy; 

    • Best performance for teenagers of the year.


    The performance is suitable for viewers older than 14 years old.

     Uncensored language is used!

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