Dirty Deal Teatro
Ludmila Roziņa


experience of senses in pairs

    Duration of the show: 1h
    premiere: 11.29.2018

    About the show

    American psychologist Abraham Maslow (1908 - 1970) defined a person's life as a strive to fill five main needs - physical, safety, love, appreciation and self fulfillment. He concluded that humans are driven by the inner necessity to meet these needs and it's possible only in interaction with social and physical environments.  

    “Pyramid” is an experimental, therapeutic journey in the emocional experience in which each member has a chance to determine their own “level of happiness”. It's an intimate theater experience in which you'll get a chance to look into your socially hidden needs. The performance has been made using an aesthetic new to Latvia - completely taking away sight and letting the spectator experience the journey with their hearing, touch, smell and taste. 

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    Viesturs Roziņš, Ludmila Roziņa, Normunds Zālamans


    Lauma Balode, Oskars Vīksne



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