Dirty Deal Teatro
Linda Rudene

Garden of Eden

musical cataclysm

    Duration of the show: 1h 35min
    Ticket prices: 18.00 /   25.00  Eur
    premiere: 08.11.2021

    About the show

    “Garden of Eden” is an outdoor performance by playwright Linda Rudene and director Paula Pļavniece. It's a story about three peculiar gentlemen who have been living in an area owned by the local government for a long time. Each one of them has found something they need in this piece of land, something that makes this forgotten place into a paradise. But everything goes south when the gentlemen's lives are disturbed by an unexpected visit. Will the gentleman be able to save their Garden of Eden? Are all of us ready to change our habits to save our paradise from downfall?

    The performance was made with the support of the union “Green Liberty”. It reflects about environmental and climate change now and in the future. 

    “Green Liberty” collaborates with DDT within EU financed project ClimACT.

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    Linda Rudene, Paula Pļavniece, Arvīds Saulītis, Rūta Ķergalve, Austra Hauks, Elīna Pērkone, Andris Landaus, Laine Pole, Rūdolfs Gediņš, Laikmetīgās dejas apvienība SIXTH


    Ivars Krasts, Jānis Kronis, Matīss Budovskis, Anta Aizupe


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