Dirty Deal Teatro
Inga Tropa

The White Book

  • Children's performance
Duration of the show: 1h 40min
Ticket prices: 9.00 /   27.00  Eur
premiere: 12.05.2013

About the show

The White Book is a joint journey from the present day to the countryside of the 19th century. There the travelers are greeted by Jančuks - curious, keen boy with whom you can experience the world. Although the journey takes place in Jančuk's world, things experienced there often connect with events and feelings in the present. This journey reveals the world more and more, it's rules and order are becoming clearer, but each time when you would think that everything is clear, a miracle happens and the world is a secret again. 

The White Book is a gathering with the help of texts from book by Jānis Jaunsudrabiņš, imagination within the members of the gathering, two actors and all kinds of theatrical miracles. Step by step a performance is created from day to day objects. The audience is asked to be not only the wievers, but also the creators of the performance - they will ride potato bags in the pasture, lay down in the grass and watch the starry summer night.

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