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Jānis Balodis


Instructions from childhood

    Duration of the show: 1h 30min
    Ticket prices: 9.00 /   15.00  Eur
    premiere: 10.11.2019

    About the show

    “Ohh” takes the viewer back to their childhood in which each one of us received countless instructions. The performance is taking place in a foggy kitchen, in which the audience will meet beings from present and past by building a dream with ritual elements together.

    Director Jānis Balodis (best known for his work as a playwright) describes “Ohh”: “This performance is a chance to look for and to create theatrical language in which I'm interested now. All performances follow some kind of rules. Usually in theaters we sit down in the dark, watch the performance and live with the characters. In this performance the spectator is following the creative team's instructions and participating in the show with their whole body. We were trying to remember weird instructions and rules that we heard in our childhoods to play this situations in the performance. Are this instructions still with us today?”

    Stage smoke is used in this performance!

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