Dirty Deal Teatro
Inga Tropa

Mission: Earth

Scientific fantasy about the future for kids

  • Online performance
Duration of the show: 1h
Ticket prices: 14.00 /   7.00  Eur
premiere: 11.22.2020

About the show

 It's the year 2118. Elizabete and Jānis are the rare humans still alive on planet Earth. They have decided to travel to another galaxy in search of a new home. Earth is now uninhabitable, ruined by many ecological accidents, resources have run short and nature can not exist anymore. 

Director Inga Tropa: “The Earth has existed billions of years before us - humans. It will continue to exist even without us. This performance will create a sci-fi mission full of tension about a far future, in which the humanity has ruined their home and need to look for a new one. But does it even exist somewhere in space? In this adventure H20 institute  senior inspector Jānis and beekeeper and Earth's agrological measure researcher Elizabete will try to escape Earth's ruins in the end finding their new home not in space, but somewhere surprisingly close.”

The performance is taking place in “Zoom”.

The performance is suitable for kids in the age group from 6 to 11.

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Inga Tropa-Fišere, Inga Tropa, Elizabete Skrastiņa, Jānis KronisInga Tropa, Jānis Kronis, Andris Landaus, Viesturs Balodis, Ilva Lorence


Jānis Kronis, Elizabete Skrastiņa
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