Dirty Deal Teatro
Linda Rudene

Mice of Sleep

A squeak of imagination

  • Children's performance
Duration of the show: 1h
Ticket prices: 9.00 /   9.00  Eur
premiere: 11.30.2019

About the show

When people have finished their day of work, Mice of Sleep can start their duty. These patronesses of sleep will find the best sleeping method for everyone and they will do anything to maintain peace and harmony in the sleeping schedules of mankind. Some are doubtful about the existence of Mice of Sleep, because nobody has met them, but maybe it's exactly their plan - to stay unnoticed? What would happen if we saw them?

This performance is suitable for kids in primary school. 

Stage smoke is used.

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Linda Rudene, Paula Pļavniece, Uģis Bērziņš, Berta Vilipsone, Niks Cipruss, Edgars Šubrovskis


Ance Strazda, Ivars Krasts, Jānis Kronis, Klāvs Mellis


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