Dirty Deal Teatro
Valters Sīlis


  • Online performance
Duration of the show: 1h
Ticket prices: 7.00 /   7.00  Eur
premiere: 04.15.2021

About the show

Since april 2021 on platform www.noklausies.lv the audience has been able to take the role of KGB agent who has to secretly listen to conversations between people who have been suspected of not acting in the interests of the state. 

Director Valters Sīlis with his creative team were looking for creative communication solutions with their audience in the times of pandemic. In the result they came up with interactive audio performance. The performance is taking place in times when phone calls were the best way to communicate remotely. But it was also the time when people often believed that someone was listening in on them. 

In the performance the spectator can listen to multiple conversations by choosing which ones they will prioritize. By switching from one channel to another the listener will hear many voices of well known actors in Latvia.

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Jānis Kronis, Inga Tropa-Fišere, Arturs Krūzkops, Elīza Dombrovska, Ivars Kļavinskis, Kārlis Reijers, Elizabete Skrastiņa, Daiga Gaismiņa, Gundars Grasbergs, Jana Ļisova, Jānis Āmanis, Madara Bore, Igors Šelegovskis, Ivars Krasts, Lauma Balode, Inta Tirole, Romāns Bargais, Klāvs Mellis, Zane Jančevska, Raimonds Celms, Eduards Johansons, Uldis Sniķers, Matīss Budovskis, Sandija Dovgāne



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