Dirty Deal Teatro
Linda Rudene


rehearsal for a live story

    Duration of the show: 1h 40min
    Ticket prices: 12.00 /   18.00  Eur
    premiere: 06.09.2019

    About the show

    “Armastus” - love in Estonian language.

    Introducing your partner to your grandma might be a big challenge, but what happens if the roles are reversed? In this story the main character finds herself in an unusual situation, in which her grandma introduces her to her new boyfriend who is 40 years younger than she is. This new person in grandma's life forces the granddaughter to look at her nana in a different light and evaluate if their old way of communicating has not gotten in the way of them really knowing each other.

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    Linda Rudene, Inga Tropa-Fišere, Pamela Butāne, Elīna Valdmane, Gatis Indrēvics, Edgars Raginskis, Lauris Johansons, Liene Grava


    Maija Arvena, Inta Tirole, Jānis Skanis



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