Dirty Deal Teatro
Kārlis Krūmiņš

Andrievs Niedra

a thriller

    Duration of the show: 1h 40 min
    Ticket prices: 9.00 /   15.00  Eur
    premiere: 12.16.2015

    About the show

    Playwright Kālis Krūmiņš: “Have I ever ended in deeper shit than before while trying to solve a problem? It happened to Andrievs Niedra and that is why we still deem him as a national traitor. This performance is a thriller about how our country was founded. No matter how much we would like to think these events and the War of Independence was a beautiful time of heroes and ideas, that our history is clean and shiny, in reality it might be a lot different.” 

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    Kārlis Krūmiņš, Uģis bērziņš, Lauris Johansons


    Valters Sīlis, Emīls Kivlenieks



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